Monday, March 16, 2009

Football..Don't be too arrogant..

Last night, I watched one of the biggest games in BPL that is M.U vs Liverpool in front of my pc.. I used some sort of software that will able me to watch directly Barlay Premier League from my computer witout subsribe to any Astro package..I am not fans for both teams coz my blood is blue..n  Chelsea is my team.. but I really like M.U feel the pain when losing.. coz their fans and their team are too arrogant and cannot admit that others team are better then them..
I like to quote some of the best statement from lyn forum.. my lepak forum..hehe 
"bolehlah, main ngan 10 orang"

"nasib jer"

"Gerrard dive tadi"

"Ref berat sebelah"

"Ref silap, patut foul TOrres tadi"
"Bagi chance kat Liverpool menang, bosan dah menang"

"Silau, Ronaldo tak dapat nak concentrate"
One is great example, is that their own fans was boo Alex Ferguson n their fans leave the stadium early in the games.. Really respect fans from others team ecpecially from mid table team coz they never boo their own team.. instead they gived support till the end of the final wistle..
Chelsea won tonight against M.City.. hope this momentum will continue and keep pressure against Man.U..hope their will slip some point in future..
Below one is the funniest pic. I saw in the internet after M.U lost 4-1 to Liverpool..


rumate fjie said...

my blood is blue

ajib bdarah blue ciot...
ptot ar suke tgk........
ha ha ha ha..

Anonymous said...

my blood is blue

ajib bdarah blue ciot
patut r suke tgk citer.......
ha ha ha...