Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Weird Virus..

My pc was infected by a very wierd virus..a really really weird virus.. The virus make my pc look like very annoying bcoz everytime I click any folder in my laptop, a pop up will tell me that I have to download and update something to secure my pc.. Then when i click close button suddenly my brower will automaticlly direct to http://free-viruscan.com .. don be fool because this was a fake information.. don download anything bcoz this will make ur pc even worst.. What is I thing very funny is that they said I must update an IE Critical Update..but at my browser colomn it said I use mozilla.. hehe i don have any mozilla firefox install in my laptop.. very weird virus..

I try to remove it using regedit..but notin detected.. then i try msconfig to detect any unwanted start-up program but nothing i could detected.. wow this is very powerfull virus.. Then i try hijackthis and once again I still could not detected any weird program that hijack my browser..

Lastly,my final choice I use combofix.. this was very powerfull antivirus program that will detect any unwanted malware and reset ur registry to a default setting..an it WORK !! this program can be download here--> combofix


ijad said...

salam... apa khabar...

Anonymous said...

khabar baik ?? spe yer ni..