Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mari mengenal seutas software 'HijackThis'

Kali ini, aku ingin memperkenalkan seutas software yg aku rasa sgt amat penting bagi aku iaitu HijackThis.. aku gne software ni dari version 1.8 lagi(skrang 2.0) and benda ni sgt menarik tetapi agak sukar difahami oleh sesetengah orang.

Antara kegunaan utama nyer ialah ianya dpt detect jika browser anda dihijack oleh malware jahat.. err klau ade sesape yg tak phm.bleh la angkat tangan ape benda browser hijack tu..biskuit meri ker.. camni, misalnye sye gnekan Internet Explore untuk melayari internet nak msuk website google tetapi ianya akan melencong ke website lain dan selalunya byk pop-up akan kuar..ini dinamekan browser melalui hijack this ianye akan check registry and hidden system files tuk tgk ape tak kena ngan pc kau..

benda ni best giler coz ia dpt detect ape yg malware jahat dh ubah kat pc kamu..especially registry..kamu kena bijak mentafsir ape yg ditulis coz kadang-kadang ianya agak kompleks..

Lagi satu,software ni tak dpt membezakan mane satu yg elok dan mane satu yg sebaliknye.. So kena berhati-hati la semasa hendak fix. Tanye org yg lebih pakar misalnye aku ker..hehe jika kurang phm ape yg ditulis oleh hijack this..                        ------> download here

Hikayat seutas laptop yg rosak..

Pada ahad yg lepas..laptop aku rosak.. huhu sedih.. 

Laptop aku yg begitu menarik telah tidak semena-mena rosak.. Ianya kerap restart jika digunakan untuk jangka masa yg lama.. So klau 2-3 jam gne..mesti dia akan restart atau shutdown sendiri. So, as an engineer student aku mengambil langkah yg aku rase agak bijak la.. Mencuba baiki laptop aku sendiri, mcm selalu aku baiki pc aku klau ade mslh..

Tp kali ni tak sangka, laptop lebih sukar dari ape yg aku bygkan.. Aku cabut all the skrews that I can find but unfortunately I still cannot completely open the case..I know the main problem of my laptop; it's only overheating and I need to clean up all the dust that block the air flow inside my lappy, and also need to add 'thermal compound' to m. processor coz sometime it already been dry up after several years.. but I still cannot open my lappy casing. It is like a missing piece of bermuda triagle mystery..

Lastly, conclusion.. I send my lappy to viewcom computer shop at bukit beruang.. And it handle my lappy only for 2 days and it is cost my pocket of RM 35..respect for their fast and cheap service.. Now my lappy is like a new laptop..hehe don need any old time fashion cooler that sit underneath ur laptop..and it still cold.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Uni. Student..

hehe...this what happen when engineering student give as much as they could in their study... 

GVR Antivirus From Malaysia...

Personally I like this  antivirus..bcoz it is light,simple but very powerfull.. and most of all it develop by malaysian.. I started using it from version latest version is 4.1.. This GVR can detect lot of virus that normal antivirus can't be manage to remove it without damaging ur system files.. Give it a try..GVR antivirus

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Chelsea vs Malaysia

Chelsea vs Malaysia

The final score was Chelsea 2 - 0 Malaysia. For those of you who still lives in the caves, yes, Chelsea (not the Clinton girl) came to Malaysia and entertained an almost packed stadium to some english style football against our Malaysian selection which put up a valiant fight..

Weird Virus..

My pc was infected by a very wierd virus..a really really weird virus.. The virus make my pc look like very annoying bcoz everytime I click any folder in my laptop, a pop up will tell me that I have to download and update something to secure my pc.. Then when i click close button suddenly my brower will automaticlly direct to .. don be fool because this was a fake information.. don download anything bcoz this will make ur pc even worst.. What is I thing very funny is that they said I must update an IE Critical Update..but at my browser colomn it said I use mozilla.. hehe i don have any mozilla firefox install in my laptop.. very weird virus..

I try to remove it using regedit..but notin detected.. then i try msconfig to detect any unwanted start-up program but nothing i could detected.. wow this is very powerfull virus.. Then i try hijackthis and once again I still could not detected any weird program that hijack my browser..

Lastly,my final choice I use combofix.. this was very powerfull antivirus program that will detect any unwanted malware and reset ur registry to a default it WORK !! this program can be download here--> combofix