Monday, April 28, 2008

Hahaha finally M-U lost to CHELSEA.. Chelsea FC, Chelsea 2-1 MU, Ballack to the rescue!

def good game to watch, esp for the neutrals! still can't hide the beam from my face this morning....

however, now the hard work starts, with 2 cup finals to go. Newcastle away is tough, while Bolton at home would be marginally tougher, depending on their status come final day of the season. Having said that, MU's schedule is not that good either, West Ham at home, Wigan away at the JJB. Good finale to the season!

never imagined that we've come a long way since Sept last year, but am glad nonetheless for the boys to be able to be in it come season's end. C'MON YOU BLUES!

as for the game itself, pretty much dominated by us, and helped by the fact that SAF went for a lone striker formation. also, the boys looked really up for it, and that showed by the number of chances we had early in the 1st half. Coley should've at least scored a hat-trick, but it seems that his finishing is not as composed, maybe nerves getting into him. Ballack sauntered as usual, but came good with one fab header, and a cool penalty. Our midfield looked good with Mikel and Ess protecting, and freeing Ballack for his forays upfront. sour note was the argument between Ballack and Didi for the freekick, and I thought Ballack did well to walk away from it all when Didi was still arguing with Clarkey about it.

all in all, good win for us, and here's hoping that we celebrate the title come 12th May.

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