Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My Birthday...11.11.1988

I really like my IC no. coz is really like kind a cool number with lot of repetion ...111188-23-5519..
Hehe thanks to my all friend also my family for all the wishes on my birthday..panjang umur,murah rezeki, semoga berjaya and this sound funny 'semoga mendapat awek'..hehe that my private life okey..

Yesterday..aku mendpt hadiah drpd member rapat aku..igtkan juz keluar for 
chill out only rupenya2 dia nak blikan hadiah for me.
It was a Forest Long Sleves t-shirt..
i really like that colour also the patent on this shirt..
Is like i am a cool guy with cool new t-shirt...
hehe anyway i really love long sleves tshirt but malaysian weather 
is like a barier for me to wear long sleves shirt all day long..

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Anonymous said...

never reveal ur ic no 2 public..its 2 dangerous...