Tuesday, October 30, 2007

New Place..New Life...

Yeah..after so much stress and hard work during matriks lifes..now is time for me to begin the new chapter of my life..became a University Student (wow what a name)..hehe my main mission when I was a kids to become Doctor, but when I saw video potong kepala at internet...I realise biology is not my field... I feel very dizzy when I saw blood...blood..hehe

Now I become an ELECTRONIC ENGINERING student at one most unfamous IPTA in Malaysia..UTEM..it means Universiti Teknikal Malaysia,Melaka..previous name is KUTKM... This U is among latest IPTA built by goverment to help students achieved their dream to become an engineer..this U only focus bout enginnering course and it meant u ganna hav more practically rather than theory..

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